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Our beautiful country offers this majestic volcano of 5,758 meters located in the Cordillera Oriental is wide and its two summits are almost always covered with snow is the center of this protected air in whose interior there are huge extensions of moor and Andean forests, the retreat of glaciers have created breathtaking landscapes with a diverse flora and fauna. The Mica Lagoon is one of its attractions and is of glacial origin from which comes part of the water that goes to the city of Quito since a reservoir was built in that place.

There are hiking trails and enjoy nature to get to the lagoon where you can admire ducks, gallaretas and more birds of the moor. In the deep blue sky hovering imposing hawks eagles and if you're lucky perhaps you can see the great Andean Condor bird emblematic of Ecuador.  

It is advisable to bring a coffee break like snacks and hydrating drinks or hot coffee and sitting in front of nature enjoy and relax with the sounds of the wind. 

It is better to return in the middle of the afternoon, before it rains and increases the cold.

Information and Itinerary

Hotels located in Quito.
7:00 am
1 o 2 days


  • Private transportation
  • Traditional sweet and bottled water

Not Included:

  • Food and beverages in establishments
  • Tips


  • Sunglasses and sunblock
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Jacket warm, rain coat, gloves, scarf


Phone: +593 (2) 32 12 194
Cell phone / WhatsApp: +593 99 674 5558 - 099 669 0299

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Phone: +593 (2) 32 12 194 - Cell Phone / WhatsApp: +593 99 674 5558 - 099 669 0299