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Travel and feel this adventure by the famous avenue of the volcanoes, its landscapes and visit its indigenous villages as Pujilí and Zumbahua its colorful clothes and customs on the way before reaching the lagoon of the Quilotoa is spectacular.

This natural wonder considered one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world located in the western part of the Ecuadorian Andes in the province of Cotopaxi is part of the ecological reserve the Ilinizas within its crater has formed by the collapse of the volcano a boiler with a diameter of 3 kilometers and 250 meters of depth product of the last eruption recorded 800 years ago, the minerals give to its waters a turquoise or bluish color when it receives the rays of the sun.

 Its name comes from two words quichua "quiru" meaning tooth and "toa" which means queen because of the shape of the lagoon because the Quilotoa has elliptical shape is 4,000 meters high is so popular due to the beauty of its landscapes and its calm waters , you can do different activities it is one of the most seeked hiking destinations the trails offers the chance to hike down to the lake or walk around the caldera rim, boat rides and horseback rides.

Information and Itinerary

Hotels located in Quito.
7:00 am
10 hours
This tour can be combined with the Cotopaxi Volcano


  • Private transportation
  • Traditional sweet and bottled water
  • Free pass

Not Included:

  • Food and beverages in establishments
  • Tips


  • Sunglasses and sunblock
  • Jacket


Phone: +593 (2) 32 12 194
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